Play cross-platform on all your devices
and challenge your friends
in thrilling turn-based battles!

LAND & eXplore & Colonize

Play when you have time, do a perfect turn
defeat your opponent conquer the planet!
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Download now and play absolutely for free!

MACs is free 2 play all the way! No in-app purchases – just download and enjoy this all-time classic for Windows, Mac OSX, iOS and Android.

An award-winning classic is back

Based on the strategy-hit M.A.X. (Mechanized Assault & Exploration) the big brother of Battle Isle is reborn! Enjoy new features like replays for each turn and complex base setup options in this retro-style game. Get the good times back!

Turn-based strategy at its best

Play without time-pressure. Full spectrum of individual upgrades for each unit – upgrade exactly what you want. Play anywhere and with any device to build your base and fight for resources. No starting advantages for any player – equal chances for everyone with every game!

Multiplayer strategists

Thrilling battles await you - with up to 16 players per map. Ally yourself with strategic partners and break this alliances if you dare! Unlimited matches in parallel are possible, so combine your forces and strike your friends!