Game options

Game options screen available for both single and multiplayer games. Before joining to a multiplayer game please review the game options as it may introduce significant changes to game play from what you expect.

Game options screen have following look, let’s review each option and its meaning:

  • Game name. It is editable field, which by default gets name of the map. When you are creating the game, it is good to change the name to something unique, so you can easily identify it later in the list of active games.
  • Unisets. The list of available unisets. Uniset is a way to change unit’s parameters (speed, attack, hits…), therefore selected uniset can completely change game play. If uniset is new to you it is worth to check it. Go to uniset list page, find required one and click on the uniset name. Uniset page will be displayed with description from author, where important details might be mentioned. Also, there is tool to display uniset data and compare units parameters with any other uniset you know. This will easily give you overview of the uniset and you will be able to take decision whether to play with it or no.
  • Start Credit. Amount of gold, which will be available to each player to buy starting units or build a base using complex planning.
  • Mineral fields. Density of the minerals on the map.
  • Amount of Material. How many materials will be available in mineral field of type Material.
  • Amount of Fuel. How many fuel will be available in mineral field of type Fuel.
  • Amount of Gold. How many gold will be available in mineral field of type Gold.
  • Unit fuel consumption. Additional parameter will be available for all units (except Engineer, Constructor, Infantry, Infiltrator). Units will consume fuel for the movement and will not be able to move when out of fuel. Additionally, all planes consume 1 fuel per turn and heaving no fuel will crash on the beginning of your next turn. You will have to refuel units using Fuel Tank, Hangar, Depot, Dock, Fuel Ship, Fuel Truck, Air Tanker.
  • Unit laying ability. Instead of building 1 per turn Engineers will be able to lay Roads, Connectors each movement like mine laying. Please be aware that Connectors and Roads will disappear from Build menu, instead new Laying menu will appear where you will find those.
  • Expensive unit service. Unit service (Refuel, Repair, Rearm, Upgrade) will cost more than 1 mineral. The value will be calculated depending on the damage level, amount of fuel left in the unit's tank, etc.
  • Restrict transports. All combat units (except Scout and Infiltrator) when loaded into Air Transport will lose ability to fire and will gain it again on next turn after deployment.
  • Complex planning. Instead of buying starting units you will be able to buy and place buildings and units on the landing stage.
  • Start with armed units. Will allow to buy combat units on the landing stage.
  • Start with surver.
    Not Surveyed - mineral field will not be surveyed, you will have to use Surveyor to find resources. Not possible to use together with Complex planning option.
    Basic Surveyed - mineral field will be exposed around your landing place.
    Fully Surveyed - mineral field will be exposed for entire map.
  • Start with radar. Stationary Radar will be added to your initial base.
  • Start with base. Mining station and Power Generator will be added to your initial base.
  • One Base. No need to connect buildings together with Connectors. Power and other resources will be transferred without a need of connection.