Effective date: February 1, 2024

How to get premium account?

  • Subscribe using Patreon. Already subscribed? Connect your account with Patreon. [Automatically].
  • Player activity in multiplayer games above the average. [Automatically].
  • Play in the tournament games. [Automatically].
  • Post a link in game related community to introduce/recommend/review macsgame.com. [On request].
  • Share a link in any of your social media profiles. [On request].
  • Be active on the Discord channel, help (new) players. [On request].
  • Make a custom scenario. Using MACs uniset and a non-original MAX map. [On request].
  • Attract more players. [On request].

One month of premium account will be given for any help improving MACs, especially for MACs advertisement as it will bring more players and as a result more fun for you!

Please do not hesitate to contact us using one of the following methods to claim your premium account: discord to @index / Contact Us form / msg @index

Premium account benefits

  • Detailed game statistic. Example.
  • Forecast feature on following buildings: Dwelling, Power Plant, Dynamo, Gold Refinery.
  • Clan usage statistics in player profile.
  • More starting game options to amend gameplay and have a different experience.
  • Unisets to change unit parameters.