Effective date: February 1, 2024


M.A.Cs (Mechanized Assault Commanders) is a turn based multiplayer strategy game with a philosophy close to online chess. By default, a player is given 3 days to do his turn, then the next player can skip his turn and make his own turn. Luckily, this rarely happens, usually players do their turn as soon as they have some free time. But please do not expect that others will do their turn immediately or after a few minutes. When you create a new multiplayer game it might take some time before someone joins, if you want a quick multiplayer game please write a message in our discord community, invite others to join your game, somebody will for surely reply you soon. In the mean time you can play against AI in Custom Game or Scenarios.

Artificial intelligence

AI is fully operational - it can land, develop a base, build units, and attack you! So you are welcome to play single player custom games against or with AI. However, AI will not be using all possible game tactics and works only with certain game options enabled. The most interesting playing experience with AI you will get from playing prebuild scenarios, so check them out.

Game options

Even though the game is very similar to original M.A.X. there are a lot of differences and additional features/switches, which affect gameplay. The Game Options page will guide you through those.

Multiplayer turn notifications

In multiplayer games we implemented different notification options, which will inform you about your turn. Please review all the available options at the Turn Notifications page and set up the ones you prefer.

Multiplayer turn replays

At the beginning of every turn the replay feature will show you your opponents movements during their turn. You will be able to see all the movements they made from your perspective and you can pause and control the replay speed as well.

Additionally, all multiplayer games are recorded and when your game is finished the full replay of all players can be watched in the Game Archive.


We are collecting some statistics from multiplayer games to make it more interesting and social. Please check the available Leaderboards to see how you perform and what you are up against. Make a screenshot and challenge a friend to do better!

How to improve your playing skills

If you are a new player or simply want to improve your playing skills and crush experienced players, you are welcome to the Skill Improvement page to see how you can progress.

Creating a custom scenario

It is possible to create your own custom scenario game with AI, predefined bases and/or unit groups. Upload it and it will be available to all players. The Build Custom Scenario page will give all information you need with examples.

Do not forget to look through the list of already available scenarios.


It is possible to modify units parameters (speed, attack, hits…) and create a new set of units you can play with, we call it a Uniset. It does not require any development skills and is as simple as modifying a text file. The Unisets page will give all the information you need as well as examples.

Please review already available unisets, perhaps some of your ideas are already implemented in one of them.

Premium account

As a sign of gratitude to all our supporters we implemented premium accounts with some small additional features and statistics. You can read more information on the premium account page, how to get it and related features.

You can contribute to the project

Please be aware that the game development is done by a group of enthusiasts, who were inspired by the original game. We are developing it for fun in our free time. Currently not all game development areas are covered by a separate specialist and some work requires freelancers, for such cases we spend donations and our own money.

Even though the game is quite mature, there are still a lot of things to do. Any contribution is appreciated:

  • Popularize the game (post a link, tell/invite a friend, blogging, video blogging).
  • Play the game and encourage others to play.
  • Create a scenario.
  • Donations. Donation link is in the web site footer.
  • Game developers, Designers are welcome to join our team.

The bigger and the more active community we have the more it will inspire the developers to improve the game.


We have very friendly community, please do not hesitate to write a message, or ask questions.

Game config

The Game config file contains extended general game parameters, which are not editable through the interface. Discover them in the Game config page.


This page is constantly evolving, please check it from time to time. You can find the link to most recent version at any page of our web site in the footer / Features overview. There you will also find the links to our communities in social networks.

Please be aware that we are open for new suggestions and opportunities. You can always write us your suggestions, ideas and cooperation offers through the contact us form available in the footer of web site or using Facebook / Discord.

Think, do your turns, have fun.