Skill improvement

Please be aware that playing with real players is far different from what you have experienced playing with AI. Variations of tactics most probably will surprise you. Better to be prepared.

  • Tutorials. Tutorials is good starting place when you are not familiar with game mechanics. Not finished at the moment.
  • Campaing. Finish all missions in Campaing. Not finished at the moment.
  • Play with AI. Play against AI in custom games and custom scenarios. AI is fast way of getting your first expirience as it does his turns quickly.
    Custom Game: Please select Local Game / Custom Game. Select a map, game options and try to beat AI.
    Custom Scenarios: Scenarios are more challenging, you will have to use special tactics to win the game.
    Please select Local Game / Senarios. Select a Senario and click Play button.
  • Watch multiplayer replays. All multiplayer games are recorded and when they finish, everyone can watch them. You can also find most experienced players using our Rating system and then filter Game Archive by the player name.
    Please select Multiplayer / Browse game archive / select a game and click Watch replay button.
  • Multiplayer Games. Play against human is always challenging as people are smart and can apply extraordinary tactics.
    Please select Multiplayer / Find games / select a game and click Join button. Or you can create your own multiplayer game using "Create new game" button. In this case we recommend you to write a message in Discord to invite other players to your new game.